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Is being sane too much to ask?
9/2/2021 1:10:07 PM

By Dr. James L. Snyder   When young, I remember my grandfather often saying to me, "the world wasn't like this when I was your age." Then he would go on a long rant about how things were much different when he was my age. Finally, he would conclude by saying, "It's an insane world out there, son." Recently, I caught myself saying the same things to one of my grandchildren, and then it dawned on me, "Have I become my grandfather?" Pondering this a little bit, I thought, is this generation just as insane as my generation? Or, where...

Jesse Jackson and wife remain under observation for COVID-19
8/25/2021 1:29:51 PM

By Sophia Tareen   CHICAGO (AP)—The Rev. Jesse Jackson, and his wife, Jacqueline, remained under doctors' observation Sunday at a Chicago hospital and were “responding positively to treatments” for COVID-19, their son told The Associated Press. The couple, married for nearly six decades, were admitted to Northwestern Memorial Hospital a day earlier. Doctors were “carefully monitoring their condition” because of their ages, Jonathan Jackson, one of the couple's five children, said in a statement. Jesse Jackson is 79, and Jacqueline...

Years in the making, R. Kelly sex abuse trial gets underway
8/25/2021 1:27:18 PM

NEW YORK (AP)—R&B star R. Kelly  is a predator who lured girls, boys and young women with his fame and dominated them physically, sexually and psychologically, a prosecutor said Wednesday, while a defense lawyer warned jurors they'll have to sift through lies from accusers with agendas to find the truth. The differing perspectives came as the long-anticipated trial began unfolding in a Brooklyn courtroom where several accusers were scheduled to testify in the next month about the Grammy-winning, multiplatinum-selling singer whose career has been derailed by charges...

Wildfire smoke draws heat from pollution monitor advisory
8/25/2021 1:16:39 PM

DIAMOND BAR—Winds are expected to bring some of the smoke from massive wildfires in northern and central California into portions of the South Coast Air Basin, including parts of the San Gabriel Mountains, prompting an air pollution agency to issue an advisory through at least Wednesday morning. "While smoke will be present in the upper atmosphere across the region, the greatest impacts on surface air quality are expected in mountain areas and (the) Coachella Valley," according to a statement issued by the South Coast Air Quality Management District, which is the air...

Fire Preparedness urged as Southland nears peak fire season
8/25/2021 1:12:22 PM

LOS ANGELES—With hundreds of thousands of acres burning in Northern California and the Southland nearing its peak fire season, Los Angeles officials Monday urged residents to do their part to prevent blazes from starting and spreading. "As we've seen in the news each day, Northern California has multiple large brush fires burning. In fact, the frequency of these fires is outpacing last year's record breaking season, which saw over 4 million acres burned. Therefore, it is now more critical than ever that the people of Southern California become prepared for...

Virus outbreaks force early reversals on in-person learning
8/25/2021 1:05:17 PM

By Jeff Amy   ATLANTA (AP)—A few weeks into the new school year, growing numbers of U.S. districts have halted in-person learning or switched to hybrid models because of rapidly mounting coronavirus infections. More than 80 school districts or charter networks have closed or delayed in-person classes for at least one entire school in more than a dozen states. Others have sent home whole grade levels or asked half their students to stay home on hybrid schedules. The setbacks in mostly small, rural districts that were among the first to return dampen hopes for a...

Regulators give full approval to Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine
8/25/2021 1:00:38 PM

By Lauran Neergaard and Matthew Perrone   WASHINGTON (AP)—The U.S. gave full approval to Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine Monday, a milestone that could boost public confidence in the shots and spur more companies, universities and local governments to make vaccinations mandatory. The Pentagon immediately announced it will press ahead with plans to require members of the military to get the vaccine as the U.S., and the world, battle the extra-contagious delta variant. The formula made by Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech now carries the strongest endorsement...

The Child Tax Credit: Making the Right Choice
8/25/2021 12:50:39 PM

By Marian Wright Edelman FOUNDER AND PRESIDENT EMERITA   “Groceries. I am pregnant, and I eat like a teenage boy. We needed more food. So it… it worked out perfectly.” That’s what Endia Villar, a working parent in Texas who is expecting her second child, told a reporter she did with her recent Child Tax Credit (CTC) payment—and she wasn’t alone. Families across the country began receiving their second round of CTC payments on August 13. The American Rescue Plan signed into law in March included a significant, one-year expansion of...

And then there were four
8/25/2021 12:35:32 PM

By Dr. James L. Snyder   Over a year ago, I got out of bed, went to the kitchen for my morning cup of coffee and then I went to the back porch to see if I had any visitors. This morning, as I looked out, I saw a little kitty on the porch. I had no idea where this little kitty came from or how it got to our back porch. I opened the door, stepped out, and the little kitty ran and hid. She thought she was hiding, but I could see exactly where she was So I left her alone and went and got some food for her. I put it in the dish and stood there waiting for her to come over,...

Metro Board considers declaring water supply alert as drought worsens
8/18/2021 8:07:19 PM

LOS ANGELES—In response to worsening drought conditions, the board of Southern California's regional water wholesaler plans to consider declaring a Water Supply Alert Tuesday that calls upon residents to voluntarily conserve the precious resource. According to Metropolitan Water District officials, Southern California's water supply has been severely impacted by extreme drought in both the Northern Sierra and the Colorado River, saying crucial storage reservoirs have never been lower. As a way to safeguard storage reserves, the board will consider declaring a Water...