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Bridging gaps this school year
9/7/2021 7:23:04 PM

By Marian Wright Edelman FOUNDER AND PRESIDENT EMERITA   “To America’s children, families, and educators, the last two school years have not gone the way you planned. You’ve missed chances to connect, share, and help each other. Outside of the classroom, you’ve struggled with loneliness, fear, anxiety, and maybe much more. You’ve lost chances to learn new skills, and you may even have worried about having enough to eat or having a safe place to live. You’ve made the very best of a difficult situation, but I’m fighting to make sure...

Hallelujah… She’s baaaaack
9/7/2021 7:05:51 PM

By Dr. James L. Snyder   I have learned that you don't miss something until it is gone. Unfortunately, sometimes, it's too late. Over six weeks ago, or was it nine months, I took my truck in for a regular checkup. I was going away for the week, so I thought I would drop the truck off and let them work on it when they had time, and then when I come back, it would be ready. I took it in on Monday, then we left for our family reunion, and on Tuesday, the machine shop called me with some rather sad news. The engine in my truck was just about finished. So I had a...

LA City Council to consider requesting ordinance to ban ghost guns
9/2/2021 5:05:05 PM

LOS ANGELES—The Los Angeles City Council Tuesday is scheduled to consider requesting an ordinance from the city attorney to prohibit the possession, purchase, sale, receipt and transportation of "ghost guns" in Los Angeles. The vote was initially scheduled for Aug. 25 but was delayed a week. The motion was introduced by Councilmen Paul Koretz and Paul Krekorian on Aug. 10. Ghost guns—also known as kit guns and 80% receivers—are virtually untraceable weapons without serial numbers that can be assembled by unlicensed buyers from legally purchased...

Teacher's Union presses LAUSD for enhanced measures for quarantined students
9/2/2021 4:55:12 PM

LOS ANGELES—The union representing teachers in the Los Angeles Unified School District has announced its support for a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for students aged 12 and over. United Teachers Los Angeles is also pressing the district for "more robust" learning options for students who must quarantine due to exposure to the coronavirus. The LAUSD announced its interim Continuity of Learning Plan on Monday. It includes providing instruction to quarantined students via a web conference tool in the event the entire class and teacher are in quarantine. If only a few...

Charges hang over Compton swearing-in ceremony
9/2/2021 4:53:13 PM

By Dennis J. Freeman   COMPTON—The day should have opened and stayed along the theme of celebratory gestures. But a press conference early in the day calling on Compton City Councilman Isaac Galvan to resign from his District 2 seat put some shade on the swearing-in ceremony for elected officials.  The most noticeable aspect of the swearing-in ceremony of Compton elected officials was the absence of Galvan. That’s because having a high profile these days might not be in the best interest of Galvan. Prior to the Aug. 20 inauguration ceremony, Galvan was...

Contact tracing takes a back seat during latest COVID surge
9/2/2021 4:48:10 PM

By Michelle L. Price   Health investigators across the U.S. are finding it nearly impossible to keep up with the deluge of new COVID-19 infections and carry out contact tracing efforts that were once seen as a pillar of the nation's pandemic response. States are hiring new staff and seeking out volunteers to bolster the ranks of contact tracers that have been overwhelmed by surging coronavirus cases. Some states trimmed their contact tracing teams this spring and summer when virus numbers were dropping and are now scrambling to train new investigators. Others have...

More COVID-19 shots, studies offer hope for schools
9/2/2021 4:45:28 PM

By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar and Jay Reeves   WASHINGTON (AP)—Officials offered new hope for the safety of U.S. schoolchildren threatened by COVID-19 on Friday as Gulf Coast hospitals already full of unvaccinated patients braced for the nightmare scenario of a major hurricane causing a wave of fractures, cuts and heart attacks without enough staff to treat the injured. The Biden administration said half of U.S. adolescents ages 12-17 had gotten at least their first COVID-19 vaccine, and the inoculation rate among teens is growing faster than any other age...

Video shows police use stun gun on NBA's Jaxson Hayes
9/2/2021 4:42:20 PM

By Stefanie Dazio   LOS ANGELES (AP)—A Los Angeles police officer briefly pressed a knee to the neck of NBA player Jaxson Hayes as the New Orleans Pelicans center gasped “I can't breathe” seconds before another officer used a Taser on him during a struggle, according to body camera video released Friday. The officers went to Hayes' home in the Woodland Hills neighborhood on July 28 around 3 a.m. after his girlfriend's cousin called 911. The cousin said Hayes' girlfriend was sending her text messages saying he had become loud and violent...

California Supreme Court upholds death penalty rules
9/2/2021 4:39:02 PM

By Don Thompson   SACRAMENTO (AP)—California's top court rejected an attempt to make it harder to impose the death penalty, ruling Thursday in favor of the current system where jurors need not unanimously agree on aggravating factors used to justify the punishment. Jurors already must unanimously agree to impose a death sentence, and to do so must decide that aggravating factors outweigh mitigating circumstances. But they do not have to unanimously agree on each specific aggravating factor, the California Supreme Court said in a 7-0 decision. Those factors...

Honoring Alex Haley and our roots
9/2/2021 2:01:39 PM

By Marian Wright Edelman FOUNDER AND PRESIDENT EMERITA   I feel that [my ancestors] do watch and guide, and I also feel that they join me in the hope that this story of our people can help alleviate the legacies of the fact that preponderantly the histories have been written by the winners. – Alex Haley, from the conclusion of Roots   This August marked the centennial of the birth of Alex Haley, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author whose landmark book Roots opened so many eyes to the harsh truth about American slavery and its aftermath. In an...