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Limón explains the California budget
8/26/2021 8:39:58 AM

By Chris Frost Tri County Sentry Sacramento-- District 19 State Senator Monique Limón has created a video explaining California's "Build Back Boldly" budget for the fiscal year 2021-2022.    The budget provides relief for families, seniors, small businesses, non-profits, and local governments that have suffered through the pandemic while building the state's reserves to $25.2 billion.   "There is over $8 billion in direct relief to Californians and over and $300 million to address EDD delays," she said. "For...

Oxnard Shores Art Walk is creative beauty
8/26/2021 7:28:27 AM

By Chris Frost Tri County Sentry Oxnard-- The Fifth Art Walk & The Shores, Saturday, August 21, brought artists together selling their works of art, meeting people, and proving the artistic community is alive and well in Oxnard.   Attendees started their trip at the corner of Wooley Road and Harbor Boulevard and visited pop-up locations throughout Oxnard Shores, each offering different and unique treasures for purchase.   Artist Penny Fitzgerald creates abstract oil and acrylic paintings, and she is grateful for the pop-up events during the Covid-19...

Surfside Condominium collapse tests Fire Chief Alexander Hamilton
8/26/2021 6:49:24 AM

By Chris Frost Tri County Sentry Oxnard-- On Thursday, June 24, tragedy struck in Surfside, Florida, as Champlain Towers South, a 12 story beachside condominium complex, partially collapsed, leaving 98 people confirmed dead.      The City of Oxnard was at the scene. Fire Chief Alexander Hamilton was deployed as the chief leader of a group of peer support firefighters and clinicians from around the country dispatched to Miami, Florida, because of the Surfside building collapse.   Hamilton's team primarily gave mental health support for...

I wonder why
8/26/2021 6:43:21 AM

By Chris Frost Tri County Sentry Oxnard-- You know, sometimes, no matter how hard I try, I can't figure out why this area plays out the way it does.   Let me explain; I'm having an atypical Monday, as I had to go to the doctor. That backtracks to Saturday, as I tried finding my way across a dark bedroom on my way to the bathroom.   What I ended up doing was tripping on the J-Train's laundry basket, and on my way down, I stuck her dresser.    By Sunday evening, I was in unbelievable pain, and getting out of bed was not...

Students’ lack of routine vaccines muddies start of school
8/25/2021 12:55:30 PM

By Julie Carr Smyth COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP)—The vaccinations that U.S. schoolchildren are required to get to hold terrible diseases like polio, measles, tetanus and whooping cough in check are way behind schedule this year, threatening further complications to a school year already marred by COVID-19. The lag was caused by pandemic-related disruptions last year to routine doctor’s visits, summer and sports camps at which kids usually get their immunizations. Now, pediatricians and educators are scrambling to ensure that backlogs don’t keep kids from school or...

Handspinners and weavers create fine wool
8/20/2021 10:01:41 AM

By Chris Frost Tri County Sentry Camarillo-- The Ventura County Handspinners and Weavers Guild was busy at work at Studio Channel Islands, Saturday, August 14, and spinning yarn for all their creations.   The ladies brought their wheels, and they got busy creating yarn and enjoying great company on a pleasant afternoon.   Susie Meach, vice president for programs and workshops, led the group and said the ladies were enjoying a spinners study group.   "We rent the room, and it is a perfect place," she said. "We're Ventura...

Riper is grateful to Oxnard
8/20/2021 9:52:58 AM

By Chris Frost Tri County Sentry Oxnard-- Chief Financial Officer Kevin Riper prepares for his next challenge as the new Director of Financial Management in Long Beach, Tuesday, September 7. He is grateful to the city and staff in Oxnard that wanted to make the government a source of pride for its residents.    During his interview process, Riper said Oxnard's financial challenges were well known, but City Manager Alex Nguyen is considered one of the strongest city managers in Southern California, and Oxnard is a beautiful place to...

Meet-Up Clean-Up beautifies Oxnard
8/20/2021 9:16:01 AM

By Chris Frost Tri County Sentry Oxnard-- The Meet-Up, Clean-up team is back in action, and the group was at Colonia Park, Saturday, August 14, making their community shine.   Volunteers arrived bright and early and worked hard on their space while the Little Leaguers competed at the ball diamond.   Recreation Leader III Debbie Estrada led the event and said the Colonia Park Clean-Up was the first Meet-Up, Clean-Up for the season.    "We're going to do whatever needs to be done, pickup, clean, weed, remove graffiti, and do...

Andy's Gang delivers solid gold
8/20/2021 8:56:08 AM

By Chris Frost Tri County Sentry Channel Islands-- The Concerts by the Sea series continued in a big way; Saturday, August 4, as "Andy's Gang," delivered great solid gold rock classics from the 1960s that got the crowd dancing, singing, and having a great time.    Andy's Gang is led by Andy Cahan, who played the keyboard for The Turtles for 40 years. The group got the crowd cheering when they pounded out classics from the Turtles' library.   Andy's Gang delivered a rock-solid set of classics, like "While my Guitar Gently...

I remember parenting
8/20/2021 8:46:27 AM

By Chris Frost Tri County Sentry A long time ago, I cooked nutritious meals for my children, made sure they were safe, stayed away from things that weren't good for them, and I took care of them.   Well, fast forward a couple of decades, the phone rings, and my oldest son Travis is on the phone, and he says we need to have a discussion about this shot, Dad.    I laid out my argument in chronological fashion like always. The next thing I know, Travis is explaining to me that I make great arguments about the shot, but this is not the communications...