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Operation '90s rules Peninsula Park
9/9/2021 5:50:22 PM

By Chris Frost Tri County Sentry Channel Islands-- The Concerts by the Sea Series had its 2021 grand finale, Saturday, September 4, as Operation 90s delivered a high-energy show full of audience interaction.   The engaging band engulfed the crowd with hits from Metallica, Third Eye Blind, Def, and a medley of boy bands and got the crowd moving with "The Humpty Dance, and Baby Got Back, plus many more.   With the 2021 concert season wrapping up at the harbor, the crowd partied hard and left looking forward to 2022.   Gabrielle Cartelli...

Council approves modified JAG
9/9/2021 5:21:26 PM

By Chris Frost Tri County Sentry Oxnard-- The City Council approved the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG), Tuesday, September 7.   The approval authorizes City Manager Alex Nguyen to execute a Memorandum of Understanding with Ventura and the City of San Bonaventura that designates the City of Oxnard as the grant's lead agency and fiscal agent.    Police Department Finance Manager Delia Campbell presented the item to the council and said the grant is $107,007 and the primary provider of federal criminal justice funding is state...

Rent and utility relief is still available
9/9/2021 5:04:06 PM

By Chris Frost Tri County Sentry Oxnard-- In his report to the City Council, Tuesday, September 7, City Manager Alex Nguyen said funding for rent and utility relief is still available.   "We encourage all of our tenants and landlords to apply if you haven't already," he said. "Online, the website is called housingiskey.com, or you can call 833-430-2122. We highly recommend that everyone who thinks they may be eligible or have a need, please call or go online, get the information, and find out if you are eligible, and for how...

What if
9/9/2021 4:55:21 PM

By Chris Frost Tri County Sentry Oxnard-- Okay, it's official. I am now fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Of course, a couple of months ago, that was a much happier feeling, but with people I know that are fully vaccinated still getting this virus, it's hardly a world-class Kodak moment.   Now there is talk about another vaccine in the works to deal with the delta variant, which makes me wonder how long this is going to go on and how long this will continue.   So here I sit, waiting to see if I am going to have a reaction to the second shot....

Council approves Infrastructure Use Fee rate reduction and refund
9/9/2021 4:49:48 PM

By Chris Frost Tri County Sentry Oxnard-- The city council approved the Infrastructure Use Fee (IUF) rate reduction and refund.   The refund of IUF funds totaling $7,112,897 was paid by Oxnard utility customers from January 1, 2020, through August 31, 2021, with Water customers receiving a credit totaling $3.208. million.    Wastewater customers received a credit totaling $2.015 million, and Environmental Resources customers received a credit totaling $1.890 million.   Judge Matthew Guasco ruled that the Infrastructure Use Fee being...

Hueneme Beach Festival returns and scores
9/3/2021 7:44:18 PM

By Chris Frost Tri County Sentry Port Hueneme-- The Hueneme Beach Festival made its triumphant return, Saturday and Sunday, August 28 and 29, and the event brought out a large crowd of people ready to have a great time.   The festival featured two music stages, great food, vendors, and lots of amusement rides to keep everyone happy.    Mayor Steven Gama is thrilled to welcome everyone back to the Hueneme Beach Festival.   "We want to be safe," he said. "It's a person's own comfort zone, I have a mask in my hand, and...

Emotional support for first responders high on Hamilton's list
9/2/2021 2:27:07 PM

By Chris Frost Tri County Sentry Oxnard-- The conversation about the Surfside Condominiums collapse continues with Oxnard Fire Chief Alexander Hamilton checking up on the other 12 members of his team after he returned to Oxnard to make sure they were okay and getting back to living their lives.   Champlain Towers South, a 12 story beachside condominium complex, partially collapsed, Thursday, June 24, leaving 98 people confirmed dead. Hamilton was deployed as chief of a group of peer support firefighters and clinicians from around the...

Welcome Back
9/2/2021 1:56:04 PM

By Chris Frost Tri County Sentry Oxnard-- I want to take a minute to welcome the city councils and the Board of Supervisors back from their recess. Let's face it; there have been great things done in Oxnard, and even though the haters are still out there complaining, it's important to stay true to the city's vision to move forward and address the challenges that lie ahead.   Fortunately, there have been some great events that have taken place in August, and I gladly went to cover them and report on those stories. I have met so many people, more than I can...

Sean Wiggins and lOan gOat wow Peninsula Park
9/2/2021 1:45:39 PM

By Chris Frost Tri County Sentry Channel Islands-- The Concerts by the Sea series got a special treat, Saturday, August 28, as Sean Wiggins and lOan gOat delivered a huge amount of classic hits and original songs to the enthusiastic crowd.   Wiggins reached into her bag of tricks and rocked classic songs like Highway to Hell, Mustang Sally, Proud Mary, and Def Leppard's Pour Some Sugar on Me, which got everybody up and partying.   Elaina Conroy made the most of the event and spent the evening dancing.   "It's always a blast when...

Vintage VW Car Show is welcoming to all
8/26/2021 4:45:18 PM

By Chris Frost Tri County Sentry Channel Islands-- The spirit of 1959 was alive at Channel Islands Harbor Sunday, August 22, as the 2021 Vintage VW Car Show brought a large crowd of car buffs who came out to relive Volkswagen's first American advertising slogan, "Think Small."   The event featured Volkswagens galore, including Beetles, Buses, Karmann Ghias, Type 3's, Things, Buggies, Kustoms, Rods, Trikes, air-cooled VW's and Vanagons at Harbor View Park.   Andre Toselli from Airhead Parts in Ventura said 110 VWs were taking part in...