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I think too much
10/27/2021 3:30:58 PM

By Chris Frost Tri County Sentry   Oxnard-- Did you ever have one of those weeks where there are so many things going on that you can’t get your head organized?   With that said, let's push forward. First, I am spending a lot of time reporting on activities like craft fairs, and during that time, I have spoken to a bunch of people who say their private enterprise got started during the pandemic.   Okay, that's good to try and do something to stay active and make money.   Here's the thing, though. The last time I...

Council approves rent control plan
10/20/2021 3:42:34 PM

By Chris Frost Tri County Sentry   Oxnard-- The city council, Tuesday, October 19, approved an ordinance that directs the staff to bring back a local version of AB1482, a state law the offers rent control and protections with a five percent rent increase cap.   The expiration date for the ordinance is in 2030. The staff will also come back with a public education program with an enforcement mechanism for local control. The ordinance will include a look at local tenant protection, density bonus continuation, an inclusionary ordinance, and focus on the employee...

Rent relief increases to over $16 million
10/20/2021 3:31:47 PM

Oxnard-- In his report to the city council, Tuesday, October 18, City Manager Alex Nguyen said the state originally had over $12 million for rent relief in Oxnard, but they've gone up to over $16 million.   "So far, we have 763 households that have been approved for assistance," he said.  "There is progress being made. You can see how much money has been coming down the pike to tenants and landlords. The program is still active, and we encourage people in need to apply."   He said the vaccination sites continue, and the city still has...

Masking order extended
10/20/2021 3:30:18 PM

By Chris Frost Tri County Sentry   Ventura-- Public Health Officer Dr. Robert Levin announced during the Board of Supervisors Meeting Tuesday, October 19, that the masking order is extended and will continue in Ventura County until three conditions are met.   "When Ventura County reaches the moderate (yellow) Covid-19 transmission tier as defined by the CDC (Center for Disease Control), and that is a rate of 7 per 100,000, and it remains there for three weeks," he said. "Two, when Covid-19 hospitalizations in the county are low and stable. I...

Find the truth and communicate
10/20/2021 3:28:12 PM

By Chris Frost Tri County Sentry   Oxnard-- You know, I'm sitting here thinking about this whole issue with the county's logo, and the whole thing doesn't add up.   Before all the woke haters start complaining about Father Junipero Serra and start the endless crap about how I'm defending the guy, well, stop and do something about your low levels of intellect. I have no idea what the guy did to others, and my guess is that most people only know whatever they heard somebody say on social media.   I don't know enough about this guy,...

Camarillo adopts updated Emergency Operations Plan
10/20/2021 3:25:34 PM

By Chris Frost Tri County Sentry   Camarillo--The Camarillo City Council, Wednesday, October 14, updated its Emergency Operations Plan (EOP).   The city updates its plan every five years, which is a tool used by city staff and responders.   "It establishes emergency preparedness response and recovery operations in case of an extraordinary disaster or emergency," Assistant City Manager Carmen Nichols said. "It's compliant with the California Standardized Emergency Management System, which we call SEMS, and the National Incident...

Public Works & Transportation approves Sancon bid
10/14/2021 8:26:31 PM

By Chris Frost Tri County Sentry   Oxnard-- The Public Works & Transportation Committee, Tuesday, October 12, approved the agreement with Sancon Technologies for on-call cured-in-place pipe repair services.   The agreement shall not exceed $450,000 for a three-year term ending November 1, 2024.   Wastewater Collections Manager Ray Trevino presented the item to the committee and said the Wastewater Division operates and maintains over 400 miles of sewer pipe throughout the collection system.   "Our collection system conveys an...

Nguyen calls past management promises inappropriate
10/14/2021 8:19:41 PM

By Chris Frost Tri County Sentry   Oxnard-- The story about affordable housing in the City of Oxnard picks up with City Manager Alex Nguyen pointing out there were promises made by past management.   The council, Tuesday, October 5, approved the sale of Oxnard Community Development Commission Successor Agency-owned property located on Sixth and Seventh streets to the Oxnard Housing Authority.   The hearing drew controversy because many community members preferred a park instead of housing, and council members felt blindsided about promises made...

Supervisors form seal change subcommittee
10/14/2021 8:08:50 PM

By Chris Frost Tri County Sentry   Ventura-- On a split vote, 4-1, the Board of Supervisors, Tuesday, October 12, voted to form a subcommittee to examine updating the county seal.   The item was brought forward by Supervisors Carmen Ramirez and Linda Parks, and Parks said there is a county logo out there, but the seal was created in the 1960s and does not reflect what's happening today.   "It has the county being recognized for rocket testing and atoms, and that isn't what our county says today, among other things," Parks...

Affordable housing hearing leaves council blindsided
10/6/2021 10:46:19 AM

By Chris Frost Tri County Sentry   Oxnard-- The Oxnard City Council, Tuesday, October 5, held a public hearing and approved the sale of Oxnard Community Development Commission Successor Agency-owned property located on Sixth and Seventh streets to the Oxnard Housing Authority.   The motion had an amendment to explore developing a presentation on medium-sized parks in the parcels.   The total purchase price for the four properties, vacant dirt lots, is $212,740.   The hearing drew a huge amount of controversy because many community...