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Oxnard City Manager Alex Nguyen (Courtesy photo)
Thursday, November 5, 2020

By Chris Frost




Oxnard-- The unofficial totals are in from Ventura County, and 1.5 cent sales tax increase for the City of Oxnard is heading towards victory.


Measure E is a shot in the arm for the city, which is struggling under budget constraints to maintain city services. 


Permit simplicity, Measure F, which was penned by Moving Oxnard Forward Chief Aaron Starr, has been defeated. 


Measure L, which expands the duties of Oxnard City Treasurer Phil Molina, has been defeated by a wide margin.


One of the more controversial initiatives, Measure N, passed. This will sunset Measure O funding if the city does not improve the roads.


The City of Oxnard has not announced any legal challenges at press time.


Below are the initiatives with the current vote totals:




Establishes a 1.5 cent sales tax to help maintain 911 emergency response times, natural disaster, public health/emergency preparedness; fund fire stations; address homelessness; attract /retain local businesses /jobs; keep public areas safe/clean; aid Oxnard’s long-term financial stability; fund general services/infrastructure; requiring annual audits, public disclosure of all spending; providing $40,000,000 annually until ended by voters.


Yes: 25,813


No: 22,454



Shall an ordinance be adopted to require expedited processing of certain city-issued development permits if projects meet specific requirements and project applications are filed by specified professionals who receive required training pursuant to a new program that includes audits of approved permits and appeals of adverse audit results, certain denied permits, and adverse certification actions against specified professionals to a designated appeals board, the decision of which may be appealed to the city council?


Yes: 23,195

No: 24,070



Shall the initiative ordinance to increase the powers of the City Treasurer, limit the City Council’s ability to restrict the powers of the City Treasurer, reduce oversight authority of the City Manager and Director of Finance, mandate the City Treasurer’s assumption of professional responsibilities over the City’s $523,000,000 Budget, $256,000,000 Investment Portfolio, Finance Department, preparation and submittal of the annual municipal budget, and professional financial operations of the City, be adopted?”


Yes: 17,645

No: 28,003




Shall the initiative ordinance mandating meetings of City legislative bodies to use Robert’s Rules of Order, the advance release of pre-recorded staff presentations, obtain guidebooks and training from a professional Parliamentarian on meeting procedures, restrict meeting start times, and alter existing rules for public comment, be adopted?”


Yes: 25,674

No: 20,431




Shall initiative ordinance to mandate revisions to Measure 0 (adopted by Oxnard voters in 2008) to either end Measure 0 funding early for City services such as fire, emergency response, street paving/pothole repair, youth recreation, after school and anti-gang prevention programs, parks/open space preservation, and senior services if specific pavement standards for city streets and alleys are not met, or extend currently-approved expiration date if pavement standards are met, be adopted?


Yes: 25,674

No: 20,431