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Chris Frost
Wednesday, October 27, 2021

By Chris Frost

Tri County Sentry


Oxnard-- Did you ever have one of those weeks where there are so many things going on that you can’t get your head organized?


With that said, let's push forward. First, I am spending a lot of time reporting on activities like craft fairs, and during that time, I have spoken to a bunch of people who say their private enterprise got started during the pandemic.


Okay, that's good to try and do something to stay active and make money.


Here's the thing, though. The last time I looked, and I looked a lot, California is an overpriced state where everything costs a fortune, and the prices are still going up.


Meanwhile, I look at all these vendors and wonder how they manage to make ends meet here in Ventura County. They do some business, but I have a hard time believing that a weekend craft fair is such a financial bonanza that they can stop holding down a full-time job.


It makes me wonder if these people are still collecting EDD benefits. It also makes me wonder if those same people are getting grant money to help with their utilities and rent. If you believe what they say on the news, there is a shortage of employees in the workplace, then how many of these people are avoiding working for some little part-time enterprise while collecting EDD money?


Perhaps if these pop-up craft shows required a business and tax license to participate, that would help me feel better about this little issue. I hope I'm wrong, but I can't help but ask questions.


Look, if you started your business during the Covid-19 shutdown and went back to work, I get trying to make a little extra money. Expenses happen, and I embody all those expenses.


Buddy needed all his blood work done for his seizures this month, and to top it off, Daisy got sick. That means bloodwork, especially for Daisy since she is an old dog. As it turns out, they both have ear infections, and Daisy had an eye infection with chronic dry eye. Thank God it was nothing serious. The flip side to this adventure is the $2,000 bill to get this handled, including the flea medication we needed.


Of course, administering medication is another adventure. It means the J-Train and me chasing Buddy and Daisy around the house as they look to escape. It's kind of like the J-Train running away when I cook liver for dinner or when I pull out the vacuum.


Now giving ear medication to Buddy means getting bitten, and, well, Daisy, when you spray ear wash in her ear, note to self, close your mouth unless you want a mouth full of ear wash.


The bonus round of challenges goes to the J-Train. Trying to get the J-Train up an hour early, 4:30 a.m., to get her to dispense medication before she goes to work. It's simple; just turn her bedroom light on, pull off her covers and turn the bedroom fan on full blast. She calls me a lot of names and says being married to me is very challenging, but if the dogs are being cared for and we're meeting our dog parent responsibilities, she can call me whatever she wants. Just like Good Ole Pop, I care for my animals.