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Chris Frost
Thursday, September 9, 2021

By Chris Frost

Tri County Sentry

Oxnard-- Okay, it's official. I am now fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Of course, a couple of months ago, that was a much happier feeling, but with people I know that are fully vaccinated still getting this virus, it's hardly a world-class Kodak moment.


Now there is talk about another vaccine in the works to deal with the delta variant, which makes me wonder how long this is going to go on and how long this will continue.


So here I sit, waiting to see if I am going to have a reaction to the second shot. I've been hearing horror stories about being knocked out of commission for up to 48 hours. I pressed the girl at the pharmacy today about how long it will take before I start feeling like horse manure, and she said about eight hours on average.


So far, my right arm is a little numb, but I did take aspirin when I got home, so that may be helping mitigate any pain. No matter how I feel, I am going to an event this evening, the Concerts by the Sea series at Peninsula Park, which has been the only thing I've seen this summer that actually feels like normal. 


In the meantime, I decided to call my youngest son Colin to ask him about how he reacted to his second shot. He told me that he had bad chills when he woke up the following morning and felt like garbage for two straight days. Oh boy! 


Anyway, he asked me what was going on in my world, and I told him how I am dedicating a lot of my income towards my retirement fund. He noted that I am just like his mother, as she is doing everything she can to save money, and she didn't have much saved.


Okay, it's no secret that people my age take their retirement fund seriously. But the part that he doesn't realize, and I didn't beat him over the head with this fact, is that for 15 years after I divorced his mother, the judge decided that I needed to pay her 65 percent of my pre-tax income.


I've said before that I need inspiration before I write Frosted Thoughts, and there it is.


After the judge decided that my ex didn't need to make more money to support Travis and Colin, my parents told me to come home (Colorado) and make arrangements for them to fly out once a year from New Jersey.


Okay, since I'm sitting here waiting to get sick anyway, what if I would have done that? Instead, I stayed and worked with Travis to manage his dyslexia, while his mother would call and tell me that "he ain't going to be no brain surgeon." I stayed and fought with the school system and reminded them that he is a smart child and if they didn't figure out a way to teach him, that I would be a thorn in their arse, and I won't be nice about it.


It's ironic how my ex commented on him not being "no brain surgeon" since he is an Intermediate Emergency Medical Technician and is in Paramedic school. What if I wasn't there to keep telling him never to give up? He's 38, and he's still fighting.


When Colin graduated, what would have happened if I never let him work for a year in my restaurant until he came to me and said, if I straighten myself out, Dad, can you help me go to college? He's a Technical Sergeant in the Air Force, and he is going to school learning computer coding. What would have happened if I didn't take a series of part-time extra jobs when he was an eight-year-old, so I could buy the kids a computer?


It still rings true today, you know. What if the local haters respected people who make decisions about local government rather than acting like spoiled children that don't want to put their toys away? What if everyone presented their ideas respectfully, respected the professional's opinion, and waited until they saw how it worked out first before complaining?  


Of course, this is 2021, and all these ideas are a bit antiquated in this world. What if? Yea, what if.