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Mayor John Zaragoza (File photo by Chris Frost)
Thursday, October 14, 2021

By Chris Frost

Tri County Sentry


Oxnard-- The Public Works & Transportation Committee, Tuesday, October 12, approved the agreement with Sancon Technologies for on-call cured-in-place pipe repair services.


The agreement shall not exceed $450,000 for a three-year term ending November 1, 2024.


Wastewater Collections Manager Ray Trevino presented the item to the committee and said the Wastewater Division operates and maintains over 400 miles of sewer pipe throughout the collection system.


"Our collection system conveys an average of 19 million gallons of wastewater per day with pipe sizes ranging from six-inch to 66 inches in diameter made up of vitrified clay and polyvinyl chloride," he said. "Pipes in the collection system are subject to failure due to age, cracks, and root intrusion. This can lead to sanitary sewer overflows, sinkholes, and undermining of nearby structures."


He said cured-in-place pipe repair is a common method of fixing pipe failures. 


"This type of pipe repair lines the inside of a damaged pipe with a reinforced liner," he said. "The method of repair is trenchless and foregoes the need to excavate a street to perform a pipe restoration."


The Public Works Department released a notice inviting bids for on-call pipe repair services, July 29, and the bids closed, September 2, with five responsive bids. The bids came from Sancon Technologies, Downstream Services, Instituform Technologies, Southwest Pipeline, and Trenchless Corporation.


"Sancon was deemed the lowest responsive bidder by the Public Works Department with prices based on a linear foot basis," he said. "Under this contract, Sancon will perform cured-in-place pipe repair work on a task-order basis, provide traffic control, pull all the necessary permits, and they will also inspect the pipe before and after, providing the city with an inspection form and a video of the work performed."


The contract will be funded with existing appropriations from Wastewater Fund 611, and the remaining contract balance will be requested in subsequent fiscal years.


Committee Member Mayor John Zaragoza said it's great when the city can make the repairs and not dig up the street.


"If we had to, the old pipe can lead to sanitary overflows and sinkholes," he said. "With this type of pipe, I think it's excellent. I think a cure-in-place is a very telling type of a pipe."


Committee Member Vianey Lopez noted the service is an on-call service, and the pipes are not being actively replaced or treated.


"Is there any sense of how many of the 400 miles of pipes that have been treated," she said.


Trevino said the city treated 1,500 feet on Pleasant Valley Road several years ago.


"That's still active today," he said.


Lopez asked how long a treated pipe would last.


"Sancon has a 40-year guarantee on their product," Trevino said.


Chairman Bert Perello asked what it means to be a responsible bidder and what does it mean to check the bidder's background.


"We check how long they've been doing this and any references they may have and if anyone had any issues with their product," Trevino said.


The item passed unanimously.