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The kids from Alias Dance Company are ready to entertain the crowd. (Photo by Chris Frost)
Thursday, September 16, 2021

By Chris Frost

Tri County Sentry

Channel Islands-- Channel Islands Harbor was the place to be, Saturday, September 11, as a throng of people came out to enjoy the 805 Night Market.


The event, sponsored by Trendi Eats, featured tons of vendors, lots of great food, kid attractions, music, dancing, and lots of fellowships.


Attendees donned their masks, observed social distancing when they could, and had a wonderful time.


Jackie Sanchez, a committee member on the Walk to End Alzheimer's for West Ventura County, teamed up with Wheelhouse Cannabis Dispensary and Delivery Ventura County to spread the word about the upcoming Walk to End Alzheimer's.  


"It's September 25, two Saturdays from now at The Collection in Oxnard," she said. "We are pushing and reminding people that this is a great opportunity to get out and get involved in the community again because we've been shut down for so long. We're thrilled that we're going to be able to host it again this year. We're putting special guidelines in place to make sure there is social distancing and allowing time for the walk to complete. We're taking the necessary precautions, but we're excited to be out in the community again, and the community has shown the support back. It's been amazing, and they've been really supportive of our fundraising efforts."


She said the group has a goal of $100,000, and they are pushing hard down the homestretch.


"I got involved with the Walk to End Alzheimer's because of my work; I am a financial advisor with Edward Jones," she said. "We've spent a lot of time with our clients' planning and trying to get everything in line. When something like Alzheimer's hits, it is catastrophic. No amount of planning can prepare you for the emotional toll it takes. Year after year, we meet with our clients and build really personal relationships. To see the amount of clients that we see affected by this disease is incredible. We're a corporate sponsor."


She said the group spreads awareness about Alzheimer's.


"I went into this thinking I was doing this for my clients, and it turns out there is a lot of shame associated with this," she said. "It's like that weird uncle who's forgetting things, and they tend to hide it for some reason. As a result, by getting involved and sharing with my family, it turns out that I have two relatives whose families were shy and afraid to share their stories. It's about erasing that bad stigma, sharing information, and trying to get a cure, and spreading awareness."


People who want to get involved with the Walk to End Alzheimer's can visit the Alzheimer's site on the web.


"It's a simple Google search, act.alz.org," Jackie said. "Find our walk, the West Ventura County Walk. You can sign up for your own team or promote one that's already out there."


Skunkmasters Store Manager Jason Ruiz brought his team to the event, and the group was promoting its "Cannabis Cares" initiative. 


"We send out a bunch of different $15 Uber cards to different bars in the local area," he said. "What we would like and what we would expect is that people who see their friends who are too intoxicated tell the bartender. The friends tell the bartender so they can get a safe ride home," he said. This way, we can get them off the road drinking and driving so we can get people home safe."


He said the group is offering promotional items and online ordering at the tent.


"The way that we're doing the pickups is through our store, so you place an order with us, and we have a promotion in the store," he said. "If you order at the 805 Food Festival, if people would like, they can order with us and pick it up at the store. There's no consumption on-site, so there is nothing sketchy going on."


If someone has a dog that suffers from seizures, he said Skunkmasters has what they need.


"For pets, we have different types of CBD Oil and kibble bits," he said. "Those are going to help reduce behavioral issues or stress issues they may be experiencing. The kibble bits I find are more beneficial because I find that it's easier to feed your dog a piece of kibble than it is to put oil in their food."


The group also had the raw garden display, which he said is a type of concentrate at the store. 


"They come in two forms, vape cartridges and raw handle concentrates," he said. "People smoke those out of a water pipe, and they can plug them into a battery and smoke them through a vape cartridge."


People looking for a cannabis dealer, Ruiz said, will find that Skunkmasters is a complete location.


"We offer a wide variety of things," he said. "We have cannabis, cartridges, and not just a small selection. We have up to 150 items at a time."


To order, visit skunkmasters805.com.


The Cielito Lido Kidtique was busy offering great items picked out by kids.


Business Owner Mina was enjoying her night.


"It's a kids boutique, and we also have kids toys," she said. "My daughters love these toys. She has ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), and all these toys are for special kids, and it keeps them busy."


She said it's hard to find cute clothes for kids.


"At the store, it's the same dinosaurs and princesses, so then I figure I would have stuff to sell that I like, and I would like my kids to wear, and other parents would like their kids to wear. Stuff that's fashionable."


Mina consults with her daughter about items for sale.


"Especially with the toys," she said. "I'll be like, not these, and she'll say these will sell. It usually sells out, so she's right about that." 


She loves the event.


"I'm from Camarillo, and it's nice to see our locals supporting each other," she said. "The toy section is my daughter's money, and it goes to her college account." 


Cravings by Peaches offered people a little taste of the Philippines.


"I'm Peaches Aguirre, and I started Cravings by Peaches because I missed the food back home in the Philippines," she said. "This is what happens when you're in quarantine, and you want something you're missing from home. I started flavors of cookies based on flavors that I miss from back in the Philippines."


Her chocolate mango cookie, she said, makes her homesick.


"One thing that I miss from the Philippines are the mangoes," she said. "They are the sweetest mangoes. Putting it on a cookie is something new and different because we are used to having dried cranberries and raisins. 


Peaches said she is a licensed home baker.


"My dream is to have a storefront that I can share the Philippines with the world," she said.


Amy Landeros from Trazos and Kreart said they are a creative agency, and one of the things they contributed to the event were the balloons at the entrance.


"We do balloon decor for any type of party or event going on," she said.  "We do any type of flowers for any type of event. Trazos Agency is our printing agency, and we do banners, graphic design, and marketing."


Councilman Gabe Teran came by to give Trendi Eats a commendation for their work putting on the event, but he wasn't sure if he was going to bust a move and dance.


"I'm going to bust something, but I don't know if it's going to be a move," he joked.


Byron Bucao from Alias Dance Company brought the kids, and they were excited to perform. 


"I helped organize a dance segment for the event," he said. "There are 15 performances on the main stage and over 100 dancers ages four to adult."


He said the kids would offer some great dance moves.


"Today, we have salsa, lyrical and contemporary," he said.  "We'll have all styles."


Byron loves watching the kids grow and become good citizens.


"It's awesome because you see self-development over time when you're working with the same kids over and over," he said. "It goes longer than learning dance moves,"


He loves seeing the kids learn and experience so much joy.


"It brings a sense of community together," he said. 


Trendi Eats and 805 Market Co-Founder Raquel Lara is thrilled by how well the event came together.


"To be able to see everybody just come together for such an amazing event and support businesses," she said. "It's something that we've always imagined. Before the Pandemic, we wanted to do this, and when the Pandemic happened, we put it on pause.  We didn't expect the turnout that we have, and we were thinking maybe 1,000 people. It's nice to see this type of support."


She said Trendi Eats started six years ago as a hobby.


"It started as a food blog promoting local businesses, and it expanded and evolved into what it is now," she said. "It became a food channel, and when it started, we only had a few hundred followers, and now we have over 500,000.  It is all organically grown because of the local community."