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Chris Frost
Wednesday, October 20, 2021

By Chris Frost
Tri County Sentry


Oxnard-- You know, I'm sitting here thinking about this whole issue with the county's logo, and the whole thing doesn't add up.


Before all the woke haters start complaining about Father Junipero Serra and start the endless crap about how I'm defending the guy, well, stop and do something about your low levels of intellect. I have no idea what the guy did to others, and my guess is that most people only know whatever they heard somebody say on social media.


I don't know enough about this guy, and honestly, my job is to represent both sides of the issue and give an unbiased opinion for people to read and make up their minds.


Of course, I'm the guy that had the audacity to cover a Trump rally last year and got plenty of hate mail because I had the nerve to cover both sides of an election. Never mind that we live in a Democratic Republic where we have the freedom to choose. The haters pretend to embrace the Democratic process, but they would rather embrace the Socialist process. Single party rule and crush everyone else.


Anyway, if the supervisors are going to take Serra off the logo, considering the consternation about what he did or didn't do. If we had good supervisors, they would accurately vette this guy and see what he really did and report back to the public. One comment during this issue was that removing Serra divides the community more. Wake up! The community is already divided on this issue. If the supervisors picked someone to research the topic honestly and fairly without prejudice, if the truth is reported, that would not divide the community. Both sides think they are right. Supervisors, do your job and unite the community.  Ask yourself; are you interested in the truth and doing what is right or pandering down to a bunch of biased thugs while you make a bunch of comments that you believe will keep you in office. If he is guilty, take him out, but vette the issue.


This is not the first time I've reported on this issue. I interviewed a group of angry kids who wanted the statue of Serra taken down in Ventura and asked them why a country like Germany would leave the Auschwitz location in place so everyone can learn from history. After a moment where the uneducated searched for an answer, one of the uneducated jumped in and said there are no statues of Adolf Hitler in Germany.


Okay, let me take a minute and educate those people who can't comprehend anything more intellectual than an idiotic social media post. There were about 1 million Jewish people who were killed in Auschwitz during World War II. That is, in a figurative sense, a monument to Adolf Hitler. I know this won't sink in, but Hitler ordered that killing. That really makes me wonder what they are teaching in school. If my kids made these uneducated claims without true due diligence in the classroom, I would be on the teacher's Heines and hold them accountable. I guess that makes me a domestic terrorist because I cared and fought for my kids.