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Chri Frost
Friday, August 20, 2021

By Chris Frost

Tri County Sentry

A long time ago, I cooked nutritious meals for my children, made sure they were safe, stayed away from things that weren't good for them, and I took care of them.


Well, fast forward a couple of decades, the phone rings, and my oldest son Travis is on the phone, and he says we need to have a discussion about this shot, Dad. 


I laid out my argument in chronological fashion like always. The next thing I know, Travis is explaining to me that I make great arguments about the shot, but this is not the communications building at the University of Northern Colorado, and I am not in debate class anymore. It's real life, and I am at risk.


He said, "you're old, fat, out of shape, and I spend my day driving patients like you to the hospital that are proclaiming that they are dying."


Since he started Paramedic school this week and has been an Emergency Medical Technician for the last decade, I guess that makes him an authority.


Of course, the J-Train can't resist reminding me that Travis came out just like me, and that might be why he is still single. Of course, she refrained from that comment until after I made dinner and cleaned the entire kitchen.


Okay, so I decided to get this taken care of. Since avoiding the little shot means that my breathing privileges would be taken away with mandated negative consequences, I guess that means that I don't get the freedom of choice.


I have one advantage. Since the J-Train already got both shots, I knew what to expect. The first shot made her feel like she had a cold. With that said, I laid out the plan for the day before the shot. I went to the cleanup at Colonia Park. It was a great event, but it seems to me that maybe the police need to patrol that area a little bit more and catch the people who deface the park - if I can interject a little American Rescue Plan funding suggestion. 


From there, I went out to Camarillo and covered a fun little meeting with nice ladies who spin yarn. The J-Train had a nice time and struck up a bunch of conversations while I did my story.


It was finally time for me to get my shot, so off I went. That didn't go well since the first thing they made me do was sign a statement that said all my questions were answered to my complete satisfaction and nobody said, hey Goofus, do you have any questions?


I expressed my concerns about the shot's lack of government approval, and I was ignored by the guy who gave me the shot. The interesting part about the shot was that I could feel it running down my arm as it got injected into my shoulder, which went a little numb. 


I had a few hours before my next event, so I went home and zoned out on the couch with Daisy. By the time I got home from the concert at Peninsula Park, I felt like I was getting a cold, which I learned from the J-Train is normal. Here it is 24 hours later, and my only issue is a sore shoulder. 


So now I'm part of the masses who blindly follow along. At least the thugs who are trying to bully people into compliance will leave me alone. All I wanted were answers to my questions, and I was shut down.